Herbivory in soil mesofauna

Alexander Rief (PI), Michael Steinwandter, Julia Seeber, Michael Bahn

Aim of the study will be to elucidate the role of soil invertebrates belonging to the mesofauna as herbivores in mountain meadows to get more insight into aboveground-belowground interactions in agricultural mountain ecosystems. We will focus on the microarthropod groups (Collembola and Acari), which are easiest to obtain through heat extraction. Enchytraeids, which also belong to the mesofauna, will not be considered as they are exclusive decomposer species. Root feeding species can also be found within the taxon of the nematodes, but these soil animals need a special extraction method and require taxonomic expertise.


Funding: Berglandwirtschaft (University of Innsbruck)

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Bildleiste Herbivorie Mesofauna
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