Alpine dipterans – a contribution to solve the enigma of soil animal biodiversity

 Julia Seeber, Andrea Gollner, Wolfgang Arthofer, Birgit Schlick-Steiner


Aim of the project is to generate a COI sequence database for alpine dipterans (primarily Chironomidae and Sciaridae), which can be used to identify unknown and/or unidentifiable dipteran larvae to species level. This will help to evaluate alpine soil food webs in a higher resolution, i.e. on species level, which was not possible until now, and, most important, to help assess soil animal biodiversity of high alpine soils, a hot topic at present.

Second aim is to elucidate phylogenetic relations of the sciarids. Preliminary analyses using the mitochondrial COI gene have shown most interesting relationships between species, it will therefore be of great interest to further elucidate the phylogeny of Sciaridae using a wider selection of species and genes (both nuclear and mitochondrial ones), respectively.


Funding: Nachwuchsförderung der Universität Innsbruck (young research grant University of Innsbruck)


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 Alpine dipterans
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