Viel-Falter TCS

Viel-Falter Top Citizen Science (TCS)


Simplified butterfly assessment scheme

       (c) Viel-Falter, Zeichnungen: Hans-Peter Wymann

‘Viel-Falter TCS’ aims to address, involve and train volunteers to conduct systematic butterfly observations. For this, an observation framework developed for school classes in the Sparkling Science project Viel-Falter (2013-2016)  will be extended and adapted for broad public participation.

While many Citizen Science (CS) projects all over the world demonstrate the potential of volunteers to contribute to comprehensive collection of biodiversity data, data quality is still a key issue. Evaluation and improvement of data quality are among the most crucial and, so far, often unresolved questions related to CS initiatives and at the same time a fundamental basis for utilizing its full potential for science and society. Especially when SC-based data are used to monitor environmental changes in a policy making context, quality and reliability are essential. In Viel-Falter TSC, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy of Austria within the Top Citizen Science Initiative, the validity, relevance, and potential of diurnal butterfly observation data collected by volunteers will be evaluated in the context of biodiversity monitoring using independent expert observations and data already collected within the Viel-Falter (2013-2016) project.

Furthermore, ways to deal with observer errors and other measures to improve data quality will be investigated. If data quality issues can be solved, the potential of the CS project could be fully capitalized to support both the urgently needed collection of biodiversity data and environmental education goals.



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