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Feit B., Blüthgen N., Traugott M. & Jonsson M. (2019): Resilience of ecosystem processes: a new approach shows that functional redundancy of biological control services is reduced by landscape simplification. Ecology Letters, doi: 10.1111/ele.13347

Vollhardt I.M.G, Ye Z., Parth N., Rubbmark O., Fründ J. & Traugott M. (2019): Influence of plant fertilisation on cereal aphid-primary parasitoid-secondary parasitoid networks in simple and complex landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 281, 47-55.

Frei B., Guenay Y., Bohan DA., Traugott M. & Wallinger C. (2019): Molecular analysis indicates high levels of carabid weed seed consumption in cereal fields across Central Europe. Journal of Pest Science 92, 935–942.

Rennstam Rubbmark O., Sint D., Cupic S. & Traugott M. (2019): When to use NGS or diagnostic PCR in diet analyses. Molecular Ecology Resources 19, 388–399.

Sint D., Kaufmann R., Mayer R. & Traugott M. (2019): Resolving the predator first paradox: arthropod predator food webs in pioneer sites of glacier forelands. Molecular Ecology 28, 336–347.

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Sint et al. 2012. MEE. Doi: 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2012.00215.x  

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