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We are currently recruiting new colleagues. Currently available positions are announced below. If you would like to work with us, but there is no position matching your interests, feel free to send an informal inquiry, including a short description of what you'd like to do in the group.


We have an open postdoc position for at least 2 years to study organic matter chemical diversity in river networks. We specifically look for an acquatic biogeochemist with experience in stream ecology, ultra high resolution mass spectrometry, and microbial ecology and molecular biology methods. Further details are available in the position description. Inquiries to Gabriel Singer.

M.Sc. Positions

We are currently looking for a Master student to assess the potential of streams and rivers including semi-terrestrial floodplain habitats as sites of carbon storage and sequestration. In a collaboration with the WWF the objective of this literature review is to assess in how far riverine habitats in general could help to mitigate climate change, for example in the context of renaturation. Of specific interest are aspects of reservoir construction vs. free-flowing rivers and connectivity restoration in floodplains. The project comes with a work contract and is 100% Covid19-compliant ;-). Practical experiences can be collected in topically associated field work of the team on greenhouse gas evasion from rivers affected by intermittent flow. Excellent written and spoken German and English are required for this job. Please see the position description (German only) for more information and to apply.

We are currently looking for a Master's student to study the affects of land cover on macroinvertebrate metacommunities in river networks. For more information, please see the position description. Interested students should contact Edurne Estévez or Gabriel Singer.

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