20-090 Course reminders


OpenOlat can automatically send course reminders via e-mail to course participants, triggered by one or several conditions. Conditions can for example be: Opening the course for the first time, deadlines, subscription to Groups or passing tests/tasks.

Important steps

  1. Open your course via Authoring.

  2. Choose Administration and select Reminders. The Reminders tool opens.

    • You can create new reminders in the Reminders tab.
    • In the tab Sent reminder log you can see the reminders that have been sent - when and to whom. You can also choose to resend the reminder.
  3. If you choose the Add reminder button in the Reminders tab, the reminder creation editor opens.

  4. Write a description and choose the conditions for the reminder to be sent. Please note: Some of the conditions that have to be met are dependent on Course elements and can only work if the corresponding settings are configured and published in the course.

  5. Add a unique subject reference so the students can identify the e-mail reminders as linked to your course and customize the e-mail content to the conditions you have chosen.

  6. Save your changes at the bottom of the page. The editor will close automatically.

  7. If you would like to edit, duplicate, delete or send the reminder manually, you can do this with the three dots menu to the right of the reminder.

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