20-020 Members management


In the Members management of a course you can

  • View and manage the list of course members

  • Add, remove and set roles to members (see HelpCard 20-030)

  • Create, edit and remove groups as well as assign course-related rights

If you use a Booking method for your course (see HelpCard 10-070), you can see a list of bookings in the Booking tab.

Important steps

  1. Open your course via Authoring.

  2. Go into Administration and choose Members management. The Members management view opens. In the menu to the left you can view and manage the Members, Groups, Bookings and Rights of the course (for Rights, Groups and Member roles see HelpCard 20-040).

  3. Choose Members in the menu to the left. A list of all members is displayed. Above the list you can choose which member roles (All, Owners, Coaches, Participants or the Waiting list) to be displayed (see HelpCard 20-040)  

  4. To add a new member, click on Add member. The Add member window opens. 

  5. In the search field, write the name of the person you would like to add or their c-identifier (their OpenOlat user name). Click on the name. A new window opens.

  6. Confirm the user by clicking on Next, review the information, tick the checkbox beside the new member and choose their Member rights and their Group rights in the groups potentially linked to the course. Click on Next to confirm your choices.

  7. Optionally, you can deactivate the e-mail notification before you click Finish. The new member is added. 

With the checkboxes in the members list you can edit, remove or send an e-mail to individual  or all members in the list (see HelpCard 20-050).

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