10-070 Access Options for Courses


You can configure different access options for your courses and learning resources when you create them (see HelpCard 10-010 and HelpCard 10-011 for further information). You can also change the access options retrospectively when the course or learning resource already has been created.

Important steps

  1. Go to Authoring and open the relevant course.
  2. Choose Administration and select Settings. Choose the Share tab.
  3. Under Access for members of the organization the access options for your course will be displayed:
  • Private: Only the users who are a member of the course (member, coach and / or owner) or the learning resource have access. The members management is administered by the owner and / or coach of the course.
  • Bookable: Two different booking methods can be configured here:
    • Access code: Here you set an access code. Only users with this code can access the course. You can also time-restrict access to the course.
    • Freely available: In order to access the course, potential members need to enroll by opening the course for the first time. They will then be added to the course as members. Also, you can restrict access to a specific time frame.
  • Open: All registered users in OpenOlat have access to the course or the learning resource, but they will not be added as members. Here you can also enable guest access to your course (HelpCard 10-071).
    Please note: Guest access cannot be configured for learning path courses.
    The video will be accessible to all OpenOlat users in the Video Collection, if you choose Open access for a Video Learning resource.
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