10-013 Deleting Course Contents


In general, you can delete everything that you can add into OpenOlat.

Courses and learning paths are of course special cases (for further information see HelpCard 10-090).

In this HelpCard you will learn how to delete learning resources, course elements and the contents of them.

Important Steps

Deleting course elements and learning resources in the course editor

  1. Open the course and access Administration followed by Course editor.
  2. In order to delete whole course elements, click on the desired course element to the left where the course structure is shown, then choose Modify course element in the menu above and click on Delete. The course element will be deleted permanently as soon as you publish the changes.
  3. Alternatively, you can exchange/transfer or edit the contents of course elements. Choose the desired course element and change the Learning content, the Page content or the Configuration as desired.


Deleting contents or entries in a course element 

For some course elements deletion of content and/or making changes to course elements can happen outside the course editor.

  • Delete files in a Folder by selecting the Folder, tick the box to the left of the file that you would like to delete and then click Delete at the bottom of the page.
  • Delete events in the Calendar by selecting on the event that you would like to delete, then click on Edit and lastly the Delete this entry button.
  • Delete forum entries by choosing the course element Forum, then click on the relevant thread and the posting that you would like to delete. Click Delete below the posting.
  • Delete messages by choosing the course element Notifications and Delete below the relevant message.
  • Delete blog entries by choosing the course element Blog and Delete below the relevant entry. 


Deleting learning resources in the Authoring section

  1. Access Authoring, then select My entries and subsequently select Delete in the three dots menu to the right of the learning resource.
  2. Deleted learning resources will be stored as Trash, but can still be found in the Authoring area in the Deleted tab. You can restore a deleted learning resource by clicking on the three dots menu to the right of the resource and selecting Restore.
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