00-010 Landing Page: Courses, Authoring Area and Favourites


These HelpCards are practical instructions and manuals made especially for lecturers.

Apart from the portal, you will find the following tabs when you log into OpenOlat:

Courses: Here you will find all courses and learning resources listing you as an owner and/or member.

Groups: The groups you have created or are a member of (see HelpCard 20-010).

Authoring: All learning resources where you are the owner. Also, you will find tools to create learning resources and courses. Authors can import and edit learning resources from the authoring section.

Question bank: Create and share questions with other authors. Additionally, you can create tests from existing questions (see HelpCard 40-010).

Video Collection: Videos that can be openly accessed by all OpenOlat users (see HelpCard 10-070).

Important Steps


  • The menu has the following tabs: Favourites, My courses, Finished, Catalog and Search 
  • Favourites: All courses with you added as a participant, owner or coach and any you have bookmarked as a favourite. If you haven’t bookmarked any courses as favourites yet, this can be done using the following method: Click on the My Courses tab and click on the white flag to the left of the title of the course you would like to bookmark. The flag’s colour changes to red and the course will be listed under the Favourites tab.
  • My Courses: A list of all courses with you as a participant, owner or coach.
  • Finished: All courses with you as owner, coach or participant, that have been marked Finished by an owner of the course. These courses can still be read, but no longer edited.
  • Catalog: A list of all courses added to the catalog, that have been conducted parallel to face-to-face classroom sessions.
  • If you would like to search for specific courses or learning resources, you can use the Search form. Here you will find all learning resources that you have access to. Using the Advanced Search, you can look for the title, author or ID of a learning resource.


The Authoring section is organised similar to the Courses section.

  • In the My entries tab you will find a list of all learning resources where you have authoring rights.

  • Under Favourites you will find all learning resources, listing you as an owner, that have been bookmarked as favourites. To bookmark a learning resource as a favourite, click the white flag to the left of the title of the learning resource. The bookmarked learning resource will then be listed as a favourite.

  • With the Search form you can find all learning resources that you have access to. You can search by title, description, type, author, license or ID.

  • Deleted: View all courses that you have access to, that have been marked as Finished by an owner.

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