Opencast is your access point to recordings made in lecture halls, Opencast Studio or BigBluebutton. This video management tool is available via



In this video you will find an overview of the opencast service that contains your lecture recordings.


Should problems arise with your recording, made visible with the message “Processing failure” under “Status”, please do not hesitate to write to so we can assist with resolving the issue.


Watching and downloading videos

To watch videos click on “Yes” in the column “Published”, then click “Video abspielen”. You will then see the playback of your camera recording together with any presentation content side by side. You can configure this view according to your preference.


From clicking the file symbol in the column “Actions”, you will arrive at the media files section where you can download source videos. It is only possible to download your camera recording and your recorded presentation separately. “presenter/source” refers to the camera recording and “presentation/source” refers to the recorded content. Choose the desired quality and click onto the media-ID in order to download the video.

Editing videos

Video editing can be performed by clicking the scissors symbol in the “Actions” column to load the video editor. Here you can navigate to where exactly you would like to cut the video. The video can then be cut using the “Split” button depicted with a scissors symbol. You can mark the segment that you would like to cut out in red by clicking either the “Hide/Show” button underneath or the eye symbol directly in the video track. This will cut the part from the track. To finalise your changes, select "Apply Changes" in the dropdown menu besides the green “Save” button in the lower right-hand corner of the page, then click the "Save" button.

Saving your configurations without applying changes: Should you decide to not apply your video changes, but keep your cuts ready to apply later, you can “Save” your configurations with the option “No Workflow” selected in the dropdown menu. An uncut version of your video will be saved.



Embedding videos in OpenOlat

With the Course element Recordings you can embed a recording/series from Opencast directly in your OpenOlat course. You will find a step-by-step instructions for this in the HelpCard 30-230.


In general only the one who has recorded the video can embed videos in OpenOlat. To permit other users (for example tutors) be able to embed your videos in OpenOlat, you will need to grant access to the recordings for these specific users.

 To grant further access, please write an email with the following informations to

C-identifier of this person

Title of the lecture (title of the series) and/or title of the video(s)

Date and time of the day of the recording


Attention: The appointed user can then edit the videos and embed them on your behalf, but is also capable of deleting them!

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