Chiara Massaroni, MA

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since 01/2018 | Scholarship “Exzellenzstipendien für Doktoratskollegs (DK)”, University of Innsbruck

since 03/2017 | Member of the Doctoral Programme „ Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization“ of the research center “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts “, Universität Innsbruck

since 01/2016 | PhD in Sociology , Universität Innsbruck; Betreuer: Heinz-Jürgend Niedenzu, Dirk Rupnow

since 09/2008 | Consultancy with NGOS and INGs in the field of child-care, children education, inclusion, and children and human rights (North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Latin America)

10/2017–10/2018 | Scholarship “Doktoratsstipendium aus der Nachwuchsförderung”, University of Innsbruck

10/2017–01/2018 | Guest researcher and Scholarship Holder of the Centre Jacques-Berque Pour les Études en Sciences Humaines et Sociales , Rabat, MOROCCO

10/2017–01/2018 | Scholarship for short-term scientific work abroad (Morocco), University of Innsbruck

09/2017 | 1669 Konferenzreisestipendium, University of Innsbruck

2008 | Scholarship for short term scientific work abroad (Tunisia), LUISS University, Rome, Italy

2003-2009 | Bachelor and Master, Political science and International Relations, Rome, LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy

PhD project

Education in a Multidimensional Migration Context: Constructing and Negotiating Identities and the Importance of Homeland in Morocco

Migration can have complex consequences for the construction of ethnic, religious or gender-specific identities. The discussion about whether and to what extent certain educational settings can have positive effects on the construction of children's social identities is, however, often based on dichotomous interpretations of migration: South - North, Homeland - Host Country. In fact, however, migration is a complex phenomenon through which migrants constantly form different belonging to communities, thus manifesting diverse life narratives. As a crossroads of continental migration movements, as a temporary transit hub, and as a destination for migrants, Morocco functions as a perfect example of the limits of the categorizations mentioned. This research project focuses on different educational settings offered to migrants between the ages of six and twelve in Morocco. The aim is to enable an understanding of the constructions of belonging and identities in complex migration contexts.

Project Description

Research interests

  • Multidimensional migration context
  • Education
  • Social identity, belonging
  • Homeland, Morocco
  • Ethnic, religious and gender-specific identities
  • Power, inequality
  • racism


Chiara Massaroni (2017): Between Micro and Macro-Cosmos: Power and Social Structures in Goffman’s Stigma, in: Nihil Addendum. Innsbruck Journal of Political Science and Sociology 4, 11-24

Conference presentations

  • Speaking Darija: A Value or a Stigma? Language Proficiency as Ambiguous Cultural Capital in the Discourses of Young Migrant Children and Their Families Living In Rabat, Morocco. / Euroepan Sociological Association, manchester, UK, 20/23.08.2019
  • Exclusion, boundaries making and (im)mobility: migrant children use and narrations of the streets in Ashua and Rabat, Morocco. / The migration Conference, Bari, Italy, 18/29.06.2019
  • Dynamics of agency and vulnerability in school: exploring migrant children´s narratives of inclusion and exclusion in Rabat, Morocco. / European Socilogical Association reserach netwrok 35: Migration „belongings and Boundaries“, Strasbourg, France, 24/25.01.2019
  • Plurality of Childhoods, Plurality of Movements: Young Children’s Accounts of their Migration Experiences, Identity Constructions and Life in Rabat, Morocco / The Nordic Africa Institute conference „African Mobilities: Reshaping narratives and practices of circulation and exchange“, Uppsala, Sweden, 19/21.09.2018
  • Migrant children’s identity construction. Education as socialisation venue in complex migratory contexts | European Sociological Association Conference, Athens (Greece), 29.0801.09.2017
  • What about tomorrow? Ensuring sustainability in educational projects | Conference: UNODC Education for Justice – expert group meeting on primary education, Wien,
  • Social and Financial Education for a sustainable future | Asia-Pacific Regional Early Childhood Development Conference, Manila (Philippinen),
  • Everyone is Welcome! Inclusive Early childhood services through high quality education | Conference: Creating a society for all: re-considering early childhood services, Budapest (Ungarn),
  • Inclusión financiera y educación financiera: Retos y oportunidades para el desarrollo | IX Conferencia Regional de Remesas, Micro finanzas e Inclusión Financiera (COREMIF), Guatemala City (Guatemala),


Doctoral College „Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization“ 
Research Focus „Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts“

Room: GEIWI tower, 11th floor, room 4DG25
Mail: Chiara.Massaroni[at]

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