Dott. Mario Casale, MA

About the person


Since 03/2017 | Member of the Doctoral Program “Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization” at the Research Area “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts” of the University of Innsbruck

Since 03/2013 | Ph.D. Student in Linguistics and Media Studies at the University of Innsbruck; Supervisor: Sabine Schrader and Birgit Mertz-Baumgartner

Since 10/2012 | Senior Lecturer (Italian Language and Culture), Institute for Romance Languages, University of Innsbruck

09/2009 – 03/2010 | Associate Professor in Italian Studies, The University of Foreign Languages, Kyoto, Japan

04/2008 – 03/2010 | Master of Arts in Japanese Literature, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

09/2004 – 07/2005 | Course of specialization in Japanese Studies (Exchange Program), Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

10/2002 – 07/2003 | Course of specialization in French Studies (Érasmus Exchange Program), University of Paris III – La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France

10/2000 – 04/2007 | Master of Arts in Comparative Cultural Studies (Focus: Language, Literature, History and Society of Italy, France and Japan), University for Oriental Studies “L’Orientale”, Naples, Italy

10/1999 – 07/2000 | Study of the Political Science and Japanology (1st year), University of Vienna, Austria

PhD project

The cinema of migration in Italy since 1990. An intersectional analysis of Difference and Inequality

In my Ph.D. project I analyze from the perspective of the media and cultural studies a corpus of Italian movies, which has been arising since 1990 and has been defined in the literature as “cinema of migration”. Italy represents a particular case within the context of the European migrations, since its transformation from an emigration to an immigration country has been performed relatively late and fast if compared to other European countries, giving rise to a new kind of transcultural society. The Italian cinema has been repeatedly taking up the subject since 1990, trying to provide a kind of counter-image of the migrants living in Italy, who had been depicted by the most mainstream mass media in a rather superficial and derogatory way. In my work I particularly focus on the intersectional analysis of the migrants’ identities in the cinema of migration in order to disclaim “monolithic identity drafts” and to propose a more varied and realistic representation of migrants and their specific role within the Italian society.

Project Description

Research interests

  • Film Studies, Media Studies
  • Migration Studies
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Intersectional Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Language Teaching and Testing


  • Mario Casale (2007): Il romanzo storico di Mori Ōgai e Inoue Yasushi: una rivisitazione dei confini tra letteratura e storia, in: Orientalia Partenopea 5

Conference presentations

  • Le emigrazioni degli Italiani all’estero e la loro rappresentazione al cinema: Nuovomondo, di Emanuele Crialese (2006) | Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spanien, 20.05.2019
  • La letteratura della migrazione in Italia e le sue prime manifestazioni: Pap Khouma, Salah Methnani, Mohamed Bouchane | Universidad De Sevilla, Sevilla, Spanien, 20.05.2019
  • La letteratura italiana delle seconde generazioni. Il caso di Igiaba Scego | Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spanien, 17.05.2019
  • Il discorso dei media italiani sulle nuove migrazioni. Un excursus tra stampa, letteratura e cinema | Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spanien, 15.05.2019
  • Gegenwärtige Migrationen nach Italien repräsentieren: Was steht auf dem Spiel? – Überlegungen über die Medienlandschaft Italiens: Presse, Literatur, Kino | VO 645608 Kulturelle Begegnungen und Konflikte: Ringvorlesung „Dynamiken von Ungleichheit und Differenz im Zeitalter der Globalisierung, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck, 21.03.2019
  • Was ist Migrationskino? Problematisierung eines Begriffes anhand der Fallstudie: Pummarò („Der lange Weg nach Norden“), Michele Placido, 1990 | Klausurtag am Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, 14.12.2018
  • Das Migrationskino in Italien seit 1990 – Eine intersektionale Analyse von Ungleichheit und Differenz | Eröffnungsworkshop des FWF-Projekts, Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck, 08.11.2018
  • Die (Nicht-) Inszenierung von Mehrsprachigkeit im italienischen Migrationskino: kulturtheoretische und sprachpolitische Überlegungen | Forschungstag des FSP Kulturelle Begegnungen – Kulturelle Konflikte: Mehrsprachigkeit, Innsbruck, 20.10.2017
  • Eine intersektionale Analyse des italienischen Migrationskino seit 1990: eine (noch) offene Baustelle | Forschungstag der Italienischen Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft, Innsbruck, 20.06.2017
  • Pratiche di deterritorializzazione del corpo migrante: un confronto tra Vesna va veloce (Carlo Mazzacurati) e Cover-boy – L’ultima rivoluzione (Carmine Amoroso) | Il territorio della letteratura – Le territoire de la littérature – El territorio de la literatura. Internationaler gesamtromanischer Graduiertenworkshop, Universität Innsbruck, 20. –21. Oktober 2016
  • Sulla nozione di casa: lettura e analisi critica di testi esemplari della scrittrice italo-somala Igiaba Scego | Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, 06.05.2016
  • Introduzione alla letteratura di migrazione in Italia: autori, testi, temi | Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, 05.05.2016
  • La rappresentazione filmica dell’immigrazione clandestina. Terraferma di Emanuele Crialese: visione e analisi critica di scene a scelta | Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, 03.05.2016
  • Introduzione al cinema di migrazione in Italia degli ultimi 30 anni. Un nuovo cinema politico? | Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, 02.05.2016
  • L’Italia e la politica di oggi: il linguaggio politico di Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Renzi e Beppe Grillo – Un confronto | Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), Aix en Provence, 24.04.2015
  • Introduzione al linguaggio politico: una panoramica sulla politica italiana dal Secondo Dopoguerra ad oggi | Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), Aix en Provence, 23.04.2015
  • Un case study: la rappresentazione dei migranti nei maggiori quotidiani italiani | Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), Aix en Provence, 21.04.2015
  • Introduzione all’analisi critica del discorso: scopi, metodi, applicazioni | Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), Aix en Provence, 20.04.2015


Summer term 2018

  • 611254 Exkursion nach Italien, italienische Schweiz
  • 611260 Italienisch 1: Grammatik und Wortschatz (B1+)
  • 611275 Hören/Sprechen 3 (B2) 611276 Lesen/Schreiben 3 (B2)
  • 611285 Fachsprachen (C1)
  • 611751 Sprachkompetenz Italienisch schriftlich

Summer term 2017

  • 611266 Italienisch 2: Grammatik und Wortschatz (B2)
  • 611267 Lesen/Schreiben 2 (B1+) 611275 Hören/Sprechen 3 (B2)
  • 611281 Mündliche Kommunikation Italienisch 5 (C1) 611285 Fachsprachen (C1)
  • 611251 Das zeitgenössische Italien und seine mediale Repräsentation
  • 611751 Sprachkompetenz Italienisch schriftlich (C1+)


Doctoral College „Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization“
Research Focus „Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts“

Room: GEIWI tower, 11th floor, room 4DG25
Phone: +43 512 507-4220
Mail: mario.casale[at]

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