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seit 10/2017 | Kollegiatin des Doktoratskollegs „Geschlecht und Geschlechterverhältnisse in Transformation: Räume – Relationen – Repräsentationen“ der Forschungsplattform Center Interdisziplinäre Geschlechterforschung Innsbruck an der Universität Innsbruck

seit 10/2017 | Doktorandin an der Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften der Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck; Betreuerin: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Irene Berkel 

bis 2016 | Diplomstudium Psychologie, Universität Graz

bis 2011 | Masterstudium Sozialpädagogik, Universität Graz


„Jewish-Orthodox Feminism in Israel“


On the basis of a past research project on Feminism in Israel, it was remarkable that almost all of the research partners emphasized on the relevance of religion, particularly the relevance of Orthodox Judaism. Being a non-Jewish Austrian, who dealt with Judaism primarily in the context of a general as well as familial analysis of the National-Socialist regime and the Holocaust and who had rarely contact with Jewish people, the ubiquity of Jewish-religious practices in everyday life in Israel was salient to me. Further research and discussions with experts in the field of feminism in Israel showed that one of the most active and perhaps most path-breaking feminist movements is coming from Orthodox women*. Since there are different streams of Jewish Orthodoxy in Israel – whereby also geographical-spatial aspects like the location in Israel within the borders of 1967 or in settlements in the Palestinian Territories, which are then again separated in three areas according to the claim of power of Israel and/or Palestine, play an important role – consequently, there is more than one stream of Orthodox feminism. So this dissertation projects aims to give an overview of approaches of Orthodox feminism in Israel and their impact on scientific-theoretical debates and realpolitik change processes.


  • Feministische Methodologie
  • Feministische Theorien und Bewegungen
  • Israel



Sonja Köhler: Präsentation "Fragmentized Intersectionality? A Tool to Build Transcultural Feminist Solidarity"/ "NORA-Conference Border Regimes, Territorial Discourses & Feminist Politics"  in Reykjavìk, Island, 22. - 24. Mai 2019 


  • Doktorand*innen-Netzwerk der interfakultären Forschungsplattform Geschlechterforschung. 


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