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Barbara Kraus received price of the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

Helmut Ritsch receives Erwin Schrödinger price

Thesis defense: Davide Orsucci, PhD

Hendrik Poulsen-Nautrup receives Canada price of the Zentrum für Canada Studien of the Universität Innsbruck

Prace project for simulation of solid state systems

APS-fellowship for Francesca Ferlaino

Thesis defense: David Plankensteiner, PhD 

Summer workshop Kitzbühel 2019

Quantum sensor for photons

Quantum Gas turns supersolid

Celebration time: David Sauerwein received his PhD in physics 



David Sauerwein receives Canada price for his work on multipartite entangled states

Ultracold quantum mix

First diode for magnetic fields

First Dipolar Quantum Mixtures

EU Förderungen für die Entwicklung von Quantentechnologien

Gregor Weihs erhält Wilhelm Exner Medaille

Licht ins Dunkel der Vielteilchenverschränkung

Public Outreach: Wire conference

The Fingerprints of Molecules in Space

Summer school Obergurgl 2018

Scientific writing workshop

Physics doctoral programme a great success

Artificial agent designs quantum experiments 



Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer

Visiting doctoral scholars - research stay Davide Orsucci

Summer school in Pertisau at lake Achensee

Imaging dyanmic fingerprints of competing E2 and SN2 reactions

Breaking Newton's law

Quantum particles form droplets



Snowballs from the laboratory

Observing the Birth of Quasiparticles 

Physics Colloquium and DK-ALM

Lecture Series

Kick-Off Event



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