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Florian Dobler


  • Program of study: Sport Science

  • Start of minor: summer semester 2019

  • Completion of minor: summer semester 2020

  • Topic of the final project: Competition Analysis Biathlon World Cup 2010-2020

  • Fun fact: He was the first student to complete the Minor Digital Science. Learn more on Twitter and in the university's newsroom: initial presentation, final presentation, Unileben article
Florian Dobler holding the confirmation document in his hand
Private photo. German original of the interview: Weekend-Magazin (issue 12, Oct 2020)

How did you find out about the "Minor Digital Science"?
Sport science students can choose a small number of courses freely within the interdisciplinary skills module. When browsing through the list of courses available at the university, I found a programming course offered by the Digital Science Center and decided to take it. Since this course was already part of the minor  and the topics and the way of teaching appealed to me, I opted for the whole package.

What area of your studies could you apply your newly acquired skills to?
Digitalisation is an important and current topic in sport science, just as in other disciplines. Unfortunately, the curriculum only reflects this to a limited degree. Having digital skills and competences therefore is a unique selling point for sport scientists that sets them apart from other people in the field.

Do you believe that your future career will benefit from the minor?
Yes, I am convinced it will. I was already approached by a couple of people during my studies who wanted to solve problems at the intersection of sport science and digitalisation. Being able to manage and analyse data was also a required skill for the job I got right after completing my studies.

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