In the age of digitalization when almost all aspects of our lives depend on computers and more and more decisions are based on data, it is crucial to understand the foundations of digitalization. Computer and data literacy is required for many well-paid jobs across a broad range of domains and markets. Digitalization skills impact daily work with 

  • improved efficiency and productivity by automating routine tasks, 
  • better decision making based on knowledge gained from data, 
  • higher potential for innovation thanks to an interdisciplinary perspective.

The teaching portfolio of DiSC is available to all students of the University of Innsbruck. At the moment, we offer the Complementary Subject Area Digital Science, a bundle of courses designed to provide a solid foundation of digitalization. Successively, our teaching portfolio will be enlarged and adjusted to optimally extend students’ set of skills. To stay informed, please subscribe to DiSC@OLAT.

Besides our teaching offer there are other programmes related to digitalization, for example:

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