Areas and Disciplines

digital business

Digital Business

Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management

digital pattern recognition

Digital Pattern Recognition of Dynamic, Multidimensional Processes in Biological Systems

Molecular Biology

computational linguistics

Computational Linguistics with focus on Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Languages and Literature: Linguistics

computational neurosciences

Computational Neurosciences, Neural Networks and Human Communication


digitalisation in technology

Digitalisation in Technology


economics and philosophy of digitalisation

Economics and Philosophy of Digitalisation

Christian Philosophy and Economics

data science

Data Science in Atmosphere Climate Research

Statistics / Geo- and Atmospheric Science




astro- and particle physics

Astro- and Particle Physics

Astro- and Particle Physics

Photo credits: Photo Computer Science: Sebastian Stabinger. The other embedded pictures above are originally from (Photo Digital Business: | Photo Deep Learning: Takahase Segundo | Photo Jurisprudence: | Photo Digitalisation in Technology: Zajda Virrage Images Inc | Photo Data Science in Atmosphere Climate Research: Kirill)

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