Partners and Affiliates

Associated scholars

  • Leonhard Dobusch, Department of Organization and Learning (research partner)
  • Katherine Dormandy, Department of Christian Philosophy, former member (research and teaching partner)
  • Andreas EckhardtDepartment of Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management (research partner)
  • Johannes Hoff, Department of Systematic Theology (research partner)
  • Felix Holzmeister, Department of Economics (teaching partner)
  • Matthias C. Kettemann, Department of Legal Theory and Future of Law (research partner)
  • Malte Kramme, Department of Legal Theory and Future of Law (research partner)
  • Lisa Lechner, Department of Political Science (research partner)
  • Roberto Viviani, Department of Psychology (research partner)
  • Janette Walde, Department of Statistics (teaching partner)
  • Markus Walzl, Department of Economics (teaching partner)
  • Achim Zeileis, Department of Statistics (research and teaching partner)

Visiting scholars

Affiliated organizational units


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