Organisation and Contact

Prof. Justus Piater, Ph.D.

Contact for enquiries about strategy, goals, and research

Teaching Coordinator
Dr. Joanna Chimiak-Opoka

Contact for questions about teaching

General Coordinator
Carina König, M.A.

Contact for administrative requests


The Digital Science Center (DiSC) is an interfaculty organisational unit with its own staff and resources. Additionally, it classifies as a Research Area and therefore fulfils a double role – a unique constellation at the University of Innsbruck. The DiSC is firmly embedded in the university's research system consisting of Research Areas, Research Platforms, and Research Centers. It has thus far established a formal affiliation with the Research Center Digital Humanities, which has significant overlaps with the DiSC in terms of subject matter and participating researchers.

Please note: The DiSC is not a service provider. If you need IT services or technical support (i.e. to set up a server or a database), please contact Information Technology Services (ZID). If you want to learn more about high-performance computing, you will find detailed information on the website of the Research Area Scientific Computing.

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