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The courses will be held at the University Center in Obergurgl. The history of the University Center goes back to 1951, when three former customs buildings were converted for use by the Obergurgl federal Sports Center and Innsbruck University's Alpine Research Center.

That marked the beginning of a focus on sport and science with international participation. Famous mountain guides, ski instuctors and researchers worked here and made many major contributions to sport and science in the Alps.
Today's international center of sport, research and conferences still radiates this historical charm.

Being near Innsbruck, the venue is well-connected to the international airports of Innsbruck and Munich. It is also easy to get to Innsbruck by public transport from the airports of Salzburg, Zurich and Vienna. At 1,940 meters above sea-level, right by the ski slopes, and with a breakfast view of the surrounding glaciers, this venue is the perfect place to enjoy five active days of academic stimulation. The scheduling of sessions will allow participants to have some time to explore the surroundings with activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, all at their own additional expense or to pursue more relaxed activities (the center also features its own sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, and fitness room). 

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