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WP5: Impact of Cultural Differences on Regional Development in the Alps FWR-HSG,

Martin Boesch, University of St. Gallen
Duration: April - October 2005

Folder on WP5 results

The results of the work package are summarised in a folder on "Impact of cultural differences":

download English version
download German version
download French version
download Slovene version
download Italian version

The final WP5 report is available in English: download pdf-file

  Focusing on sustainable regional development, this WP serves to identify different cultures of regional development and thus to contribute to the understanding of trans-cultural driving forces and factors (administration, culture, value systems, language, norms).

Step 1: Concept for WP 5 (FWR-HSG)
Martin Boesch presented his concept during the kick-off meeting in Innsbruck where it was discussed with all partners.
Step 2: Adaptation of concept (FWR-HSG, EURAC and all partners)
Martin Boesch prepared a preliminary concept and sent it to all partners.
The partners were asked to give their comments till end of April 2005;
Martin Boesch elaborated a revised concept and prepared work instructions for all partners till May 15th 2005.
Step 3: Analysis based on personal experiences, document research and expert interviews (all partners)
From 17th of May on the partners had to fulfill their work instructions considering the analysis of the cultural differences on regional develompent in the Alps.
- Until 30th of June they submitted first results and comments
- Until 31rst of August they submitted their final versions to Martin Boesch .
Step 4: Reporting (FWR-HSG)
Middle of October the work package leader delivered the final report to the Leadpartner. For the internal quality control the report was sent to the partners who gave their feed back to Martin Boesch.



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