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Title of WP 12 Permanent Contact and Collaboration with SOIA and Public Authorities
Responsible leader EURAC, Bolzano
Duration March 05 - End of February 08 (36 months)
Objectives This WP serves:
· to ensure the permanent collaboration and the intensive exchange of information between the DIAMONT network and the end users, i.e. the AC and public authorities
· and thus to guarantee that they can make full use of DIAMONT’s conceptual and methodological results.
Main activities · Installation of a discussion platform including network partners and AC steering bodies
· Meetings with national AC contacts every six months
· Discussion of the project’s progress and co-ordination of the activities with AC interests
· Monthly meetings between the WP co-ordinator and the AC serving to solve problems arising between the major meetings
· Delivery of the DIAMONT results to SOIA
· Constant exchange with national, regional and local public authorities
Tasks of WP leader Monthly meetings between the WP co-ordinator and the AC serving to solve problems arising between the major meetings; delivery of results to SOIA; regular joint definition of intermediate products with SOIA in co-operation with all partners
Tasks of other partners

Contacts between partners and their national AC bodies; description and discussion of WP progress and results; co-ordination of upcoming activities with the aims of the AC and in particular with SOIA; constant exchange with their respective national, regional and local authorities

Outputs Establishment of close and durable links between the Alpine Convention and the DIAMONT network serving to co-ordinate and discuss the activities in the DIAMONT project and to supply SOIA with the DIAMONT results
Expected results · Important impetus to SOIA
· Practical tools supporting decision making processes in spatial planning


WP 12

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