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Unione Nazionale Comuni Comunità Enti Montani

Function: Partner
Abbreviation in the project: UNCEM
Address: Via Palestro, 30, 00185 Roma, Italy
Webpage: http://www.uncem.it

Description of the Institute

UNCEM - National Union of Mountain Municipalities, Communities and Authorities - is a national organization representing all municipalities which are entirely or partially mountainous as well as the 356 mountain communities in Italy. In addition it also includes some administrations and authorities (provinces, consortia, chambers of commerce) that operate in mountain districts. Own delegations represent every region within the Union. UNCEM covers 54 per cent of the entire area of Italy (10 million people).

•  contributing to the promotion of the development of mountain districts
•  enforcing the last paragraph of Article 44 of the Italian Constitution (measures for mountain areas);
•  representing mountain local Authorities' interests towards Govern, Parlament, State and Regions
•  promoting on of a mountain policy which include the mountain people in the wider development process pursued at each institutional level;
•  supporting researches and studies aimed at identifying the solutions to be proposed to local authorities, regional authorities, national government, parliament and European institutions
•  supporting and assisting local authorities within the administrative action developed within the framework of the relationships with different private and public authorities;
•  promoting any possible cooperation with national, European and international bodies interested in the socio-economic development of mountains.

Institutional relations (in Italy and Europe)
•  Committee of the Regions of the European Union
•  Committee for the Local and Regional Authorities (Cplre) of the Council of Europe
•  State-cities and Local Autonomies
•  Unified Conference

Marco Zumaglini

Loredana Alfare


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