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Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck

Function: Leadpartner
Abbreviation in the project: UIBK
Address: Innrain 52, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Webpage: http://geowww.uibk.ac.at/


Description of the Institute

The Institute of Geography is part of the natural science faculty of Leopold-Franzens-University in Innsbruck (founded 1669). The Institute itself is more than 100 years old and comprises about 300 students. Three regular university professors, six assistant professors and one scientific assistant are leading the department. Scientific research and education are focused mainly on geomorphological processes, climate change, glaciers and water balances, natural hazards, agricultural changes, urbanisation, tourism and applied Tyrolean geography. There is a regional emphasis on Austria , Central Europe, Third World countries in Africa and Latin America as well as the United States of America . As Innsbruck is based in the Inn Valley , surrounded by high mountain ranges, the Institute naturally has a long tradition in high mountain and arctic research. GIS (Geographical Information System), cartography, modelling as well as qualitative and quantitative social research and spatial planning are among the main methodologies.


Prof. Dr. Axel Borsdorf
Dr. Valerie Braun






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