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Institut für Umweltplanung, Landschaftsentwicklung und Naturschutz

Function: Partner
Abbreviation in the project: ifuplan
Address: Schleißheimer Str. 156, 80797 München, Germany
Webpage: http://www.ifuplan.de

Description of the Institute

The Institute for Environmental Planning, Landscape and Nature Conservation was founded in 1993 in Munich. The work started from basic applied landscape ecology and covers meanwhile a wider range of project types. ifuplan offers services in the field of:

•  Environmental reports
•  Resource management planning
•  Nature conservation
•  Strategic planning and consulting
•  Research & Development
•  Field work and Mapping

The staff is a team of environmental experts and scientists (landscape ecologists, geographers, biologists) with different main focuses and long term professional experience. At present four engineers and scientists are engaged full-time by ifuplan. The management structure facilitates short access to the project manager in charge, immediate reactions and decisions in the project, and made-to-order solutions for the customer. Additional experts of different main focuses like agriculture, forestry, geology, hydrology or economy can be involved on request and will be coordinated to achieve well based interdisciplinary results. As well, we can contribute our results to an external project management if requested.

Some reference projects
•  R&D-Project: Concept for an ecosystem-based environmental quality report for the Alpine Convention Area and according the requirements of the Convention, Federal Environmental Agency, 2003-2005
•  R&D-Project: Conservation and sustainable land use of mountain ecosystems in the context of the Convention on Biodiversity and the Alpine Convention, Federal Environmental Agency, 2001- 2003
•  Geo-referenced data for environmental water statistics, Eurostat, 2001-2002
•  Study on regional development in the "Ostbündnis" (sustainable development in 13 communes), Ministry for the Environment and Development, Communes, 2000 - 2002
•  R&D-Project: Nature quality goals for the preservation of biodiversity in Germany . Development of nature quality goals for agricultural landscapes, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, 2000
•  Chapter "Mountain areas" in the EEA-report "Environment in the European Union at the turn of the century", 1998-1999

Stefan Marzelli
Florian Lintzmeyer
Claudia Schwarz



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