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Anton Melik Geographical Institute
Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Function: Partner
Abbreviation in the project: AMGI
Address: Gosposka ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Webpage: http://www.zrc-sazu.si/gi

Description of the Institute

The Geographical institute, which was founded in 1946, has been one of the constituent members of the Scientific research centre of the Slovenian academy of sciences and arts. Until 1992 the Institute was mainly engaged with researching glaciers, glacial and fluvial transformation of the land surface, flooded areas, natural disasters, mountain farms in Slovenia and social geography. But since 1993 the Institute's main task has been to conduct geographical researches of Slovenia and its landscapes and to prepare basic geographical texts on Slovenia as a country and as a part of the World. Research is mostly directed towards physical, social and regional geography and thematic cartography.

Organisation units
Department of physical geography,
Department of social geography,
Department of regional geography,
Department of natural disasters,
Department of geographical information system,
Department of thematic cartography,
Geographical museum,
Geographical library.

The Institute also houses a cartographic collection and three specialized geographical collections: Landscapes of Slovenia, Settlements of Slovenia and Glaciers of Slovenia.

The Institute publishes three scientific publications. Geografija Slovenije (Geography of Slovenia) is a series of books appears in Slovenian once or twice a year. Acta geographica Slovenica/Geografski zbornik is a review published twice a year in English and Slovenian. Geografski informacijski sistemi v Sloveniji (Geographical information systems in Slovenia) is a bulletin published every second (even) year in Slovenian.

Mimi Urbanc Mimi Urbanc

Drago Perko

Drago Perko
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