Course lecturers

The course will be taught mainly by Prof. Loukas Balafoutas and Prof. Rudolf Kerschbamer with special sessions on selected topics in Behavioral Economics and Finance by Prof. Jürgen Huber, Prof. Michael Kirchler and Prof. Markus Walzl. Find out more about the two main lecturers below.


Prof. Loukas Balafoutas


Loukas Balafoutas is currently a professor for experimental economics at the Department of Public Finance, University of Innsbruck. Most of his research uses applied game theory and experimental methods, with data collected both in the lab and in the field. His main areas of interest are credence goods, tournaments, social norms and cooperation, public economics, corruption, and affirmative action policies in the labor market. He is the author or co‐author of several publications in highly‐ranked academic journals and has presented his work in numerous seminars and conferences, while his research has attracted considerable media attention in the written press as well as in television and radio broadcasts.

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Prof. Rudolf Kerschbamer


Rudolf Kerschbamer is currently professor of economics at the Department of Economics, University of Innsbruck. His most recent research focuses on the theoretical and experimental analysis of credence goods markets and resulted in numerous high-profile publications, published, among others, in American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, PLOS, and Journal of Economic Literature.

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