Booking the InnSAR2015 Summer School is only possible or applicants having received a confirmation of participation (email 08 June 2015). To finally confirm participation and to book the InnSAR2015 Summer School please prepare as follows:

Fee information

There is no tuition fee. However, we ask for pre-payment of a fee covering board and lodging throughout the Summer School (22 August 2015 until 29 August 2015. This basically concerns accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks and snacks during the breaks as well as travel costs related to excursions (IMGI lab, glacier and Innsbruck-Box Measurement site).

We can offer two categories of accomodation:

  1. accomodation in double-rooms (standard): 700 EUR
  2. accomodation in single rooms (before booking, please contact to to check availability): 780 EUR

Book the course

Please follow the steps at the booking portal. Check confirmation email whether everthing went well. In case of problems please send an email to

We thank for your interest in our Summer School and look forward to see you then.