Ideas for Synthesis Workshops (preparation for SC meeting June 7th)
  1. Social innovation and community resource management
  2. Mountain food regimes, global challenges and local answers 
  3. How historical scientific approaches and datasets can inform "mountainology" today
  4. Reducing climate and disaster impacts in mountains: what role do risk perception and awareness play in adapting to climate change and mitigating disaster risk?
  5. The blue gold rush – water management and related power structures linked to water availability and access in the context of upland-lowland interactions
  6. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction, Prevention and Emergency Response Preparedness in Mountain Environments
  7. Recreation and Resiliency: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Mitigating Human Impacts on Mountain Systems
  8. Educational initiatives in and for mountainous regions
  9. Energy for mountain areas
  10. International cooperation with developing countries for sustainable development in mountain regions
  11. Opportunities, Gaps, and Methodologies for Science Communication
  12. IPCC AR6 and mountains
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