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Why workshops, not classical sessions?

Many conferences offer "classical sessions" with consecutive presentations. We see the potential for exciting presentations of outstanding new developments. Though, sometimes the flood of information makes it hard to get and take home key messages. It is also difficult to clarify potentially contradictory scientific opinions and to create summaries because time for fundamental questions is usually missing. To complement traditional conference offers (instead of duplicating them) and to produce immediate and long lasting conference output, we developed and determined the IMC2019 workshop format

Why review papers, not special issue(s)?

This conference doesn't intent to publish a special issue on mountain research or research "sub-domains". Instead, an attractive overview about the output of the conference (that can be updated whenever it is desired) will be generated  by experienced experts based on the workshop outputs and will be published on an appropriate web platform.

For the classical scientific output which is what all of us want and are expected to produce, all moderators and workshop participants are asked to consider review paper initiatives. The advantages of review papers in the context of IMC2019 we see are (1) that they perfectly meet the conference goal of producing synthesis products on the current state of various mountain related research questions, (2) each group of authors can decide which type of journal is best fitting to their topic/background, (3) each group decides on their own if the workshop output can/should be published and how much time this needs and, (4) the review process might be more thorough compared to special issues influenced by temporal and other limitations.