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Information for moderators

Guide for workshop output

Guide for workshop reporting   

Form for filling-in workshop output   


Example structure (120 min workshop 1.1.D; work in progress)




3 min presentations of participants
45-50 "Murmelrunde" (everyone talks with one partner about the key points from the presentations)
50-60 Feedback from "Murmelrunde"
60-75 Reporting on success & potentials of merging different types of data (measurements, interviews etc.) based on participants' experiences
75-100  Discussion of major challenges and limitations of merging such data
100 - 105  Visualization of discussion points on screen with cards prepared by moderators
105 - 120  Final discussion and outlook

Basic tools (work in progress until July 20th)

to break the ice:

  • if feasible arrange a short get-to-getter of the workshop participants before your workshop (e.g. at the ice breaker)
  • use e.g. "speed dating" to help participants to get familiar with each other before the workshop starts


to keep the time frame:

  • send workshop schedule to participants in advance
  • check if there might be one or two general questions to be asked in advance by mail
  • provide paper prints of workshop schedules to participants
  • give a clear sign when to start
  • inform when only e.g. 1,2,... min is left for a certain activity
  • formsubgroups for certain activities and ask to decide on e.g. max. 2 key discussion points
  • postpone e.g. too specific topics to coffee breaks/poster session
  • don't have too high expectations where you can go - in the best case, the output should be a strong seed for further research (collaboration)


to (re-)focus discussions:

  • do a survey among the participants about the importance of discussed contents (sheets to write on will be available as well as an online tool to do surveys via smartphones -; if you are not yet in touch with any staff member of the University of Innsbruck, please get in touch with us for further support/accounts)


to include the audience:

  • Ask everyone to write one feedback on the presentations on a card (will be available in seminar rooms)
  • Ask everyone to put dots (will be available) on some prepared key messages/questions/suggestions from your workshop (output will be a ranking based on the auditors' experiences in the workshop)



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