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Side Events


The conference excursion will be offered Thursday (September 12th) afternoon to a site valley close to Innsbruck with long and interesting stories of human-environmental interactions. Please check out the details here.

Additionally, there are various (research) sites near the venue which could be visited within half-day, one-day or two-day trips. In case your are interested, don't hesitate to contact scientists from the University of Trento, University of Bozen, EURAC or the University of Innsbruck working in your field of interest. 

Conference dinner

Conference dinner (Thursday night, September 12th) will follow the conference excursion in a special historic place in the city of Hall. Please check out the details here.


Himalayas to Ocean 

This side-event will present audio-visual outputs from the Himalayas to Ocean (H2O) project, documenting the impacts of climate change along the Gandaki river in Nepal, from high-up in the Himalayan peaks to hundreds of kilometres further downstream in the country’s floodplains. Partnered with the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), H2O was set-up in 2017 to complement scientific research by raising awareness about climate change in novel ways, utilising compelling multimedia approaches that blend photography, video, and sounds. The session will discuss and interrogate the role these approaches can play – as well as their associated risks - in communicating complex scientific research in visually compelling and emotionally engaging ways.


Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019 Evening

Presenter: Alice Chautard, University of Oxford | Founder of H2O

Further information will follow  in time.

Journal session



With the recognition of the importance that mountains have played in the earth eco-system and in people’s daily life, mountain research is gradually becoming hot. Where do mountain researchers publish their papers and what are the unique features of the four SCI-indexed mountain journals (Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, Mountain Research and Development, Journal of Mountain Science,Eco-Mont)? The four journals’ developing trends, subject preference, key report topics, major country and institution sources, author cooperation relationship by using data from Clarivate's Web of Science and Journal Citation Reports and from web search. The results can be used to guide mountain researchers to choose the suitable journal to publish.

Presenter: Qiu Dunlian, Chief Editor of the Journal of Mountain Science

Date: To be announced.

Further information will follow  in time.


Monitoring, Observing and Informing on Mountain Environments - Status and Future Prospects

The event will showcase presentations on the latest scientific work undertaken by two MRI's Working Groups: 1) MRI Elevation Dependent Warming Working Group; and 2) MRI Mountain Observatories Working Group, which will also include a recap on their respective past and future contributions to the work plan of the Group on Earth Observations initiative, the Global Network for Observations and Information in Mountain Environments, GEO-GNOME. Inputs from the GEO-GNOME work plan and its next phase from 2020-2022 will be introduced, with information on how to actively participate and contribute to be a part of this global network effort in this next phase. A panel discussion will be invited to debate, reflect and present on some of the key challenges and opportunities for the scientific community in the development and implementation of connected and networked mountain observation efforts worldwide, inviting the attending audience to also partake in this discussion and collectively learn about the scientific research community perspectives on how to scale and connect data and information for knowledge on mountain social-ecological systems.

Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019; 17:45-19:00

Place: IMC venue, room to be confirmed

Presenter: MRI, GEO-GNOME and other invited panelists.

Further information will follow in time.

You want to offer another side event or organize a project meeting?

Organizations and initiatives are welcome to organize meetings etc. before or after the conference. Seminar rooms will be made available free of charge. Organization will be supported by the local steering committee and staff.


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