Seminars - Winter Semester 2016/2017


Interdisciplinary Seminar: Climate Change on Long and Short Timescales

Winter Semester 2016/2017 Timetable

Thursday, 12:00-13:30, Geology Institute, Room UR306

20. Nov.
Gabriella Koltai
A record of the penultimate glacial in Hungary

Hanns Kerschner
Ziwundaschg - a pre-Bølling cirque glacier in the centre of the Alps
27. Nov.
Marc Luetscher
A new record of the last interglacial in the western Alps

Gina Moseley
"There must be something in the water" - solving the 30-year-long Devils Hole palaeoclimate enigma
1. Dec.
Malin Ziehmer
Stable isotopes of dendro samples of the last 9000 years
  Kathleen Wendt "If water could talk" - reconstructing 500,000 years of past waster table fluctations in Southwest Nevada
15. Dec. Luke Gliganic Hydrological transformation coincided with megafaunal extinction in central Australia
  Stefan Lauterbach Trigger mechanisms, dynamics and ampliutde of climate changes around 8.2 ka cold event
12. Jan. Georg Kaser & Rudi Sailer A permanent terrestrial laser scan station at Hintereisferner
  Georg Wohlfahrt Carbonyl sulfide - a new window into the carbon cycle
19. Jan. Charlotte Gild Discovery of laterally extensive drape of silt recording postglacial aeolian deposition (Northern Calcareous Alps)
  Marlis Hofer Downscaling for glacierist mountain environments: purely statistical versus more physics-based approaches to bridge the gaps
26. Jan. Lindsey Nicholson Suldenferner (to be confirmed)
  Benjamin Dietre First palynological results from a profundal Lake Mondsee core: insights into climate and anthropogenic impact

Associated Seminars


Thursday, 17:00-18:00, Geology Institute, Collection Room

20. Oct Luca Bindi (University of Florence) Once upon a time in Kamchatka: A journey in search of a new state of matter
27. Oct Jerzy Zasadni (University of Science and Technology Kraków)
Glacial geomorphology and the timing of deglaciation of the Zillertal Alps
3. Nov. Albert Gilg (TU München) Analyse und Herkunft antiker und mittelalterlicher Schmuckgranate
10. Nov. Andrej Ernst (Universität Hamburg) Diversity dynamics and evolution of Palaeozoic Bryozoa
17. Nov. Daniel Harlov (GFZ Potsdam) (Y-REE) Mineral-Flourapatite associations in Kirunatype Iron Oxide-Apatite (IOA) Ore Deposits: Magmatic vs. metasomatic origins
24. Nov Philipp Strauss (OMV Wien) Ergebnisse von Tiefbohrungen im Wiener Becken und deren Bedeutung für den Baustil der Kalkalpen
1. Dec. Mathias Krismer (Swarovski) Gemstone mining in the perspective of Corporate Responsibility
15. Dec. Martin Rittner (University College London) Fingerprints in the sand: Examples of Big Data in sediment provenance analysis
12. Jan. Jasper Moernaut (Universität Innsbruck)
Giant earthquakes in South-Central Chile: Towards quantification of lacustrine paleoseismic evidence
26. Jan. Achim Brauer (GFZ Potsdam) Varved lake sediments in the southern Baltic region as recorders of Holocene climate change and human impact

Graduate Seminar

Wednesday, 11.45-13:00, ACINN, Room 60819 SR

The Google Calendar acinn.seminar is public and you may want to add it to your calendars for the most up-to-date info. Alternatively, you can download the schedule for the this term as ACINN Calendar Graduate Seminar WS2016.pdf (246.16 KB).

10. Oct.
Bert Holtslag (Wageningen UR)
Challenges for Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layers
12. Oct.
Michael Hofstätter & Klaus Haslinger (ZAMG)
Drought events and heavy precipitation from an atmospheric perspective
19. Oct.
Christoph Knote(LMU Munich)
Modeling the lifecycle of organic aerosol - from box modeling to global implications
9. nov.
C. David Whiteman (University of Utah, Salt Lake City)
Continuous cold and warm air intrusions into a small circular crater basin - Results from the Second Meteor Crater Experiment of 2013
16. Nov.
Marcus Hirtl (ZAMG)
Overview of the WRF-Chem applications at the ZAMG
23. Nov.
Marlis Hofer (ACINN)
Evaluating predictor strategies for regression-based downscaling with a focus on glacierized mountain environments
7. Dec.
Alexander Jarosch (Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland)
Simulating Subglacial Hydrology with coupled models of turbulent flow, thermodynamics and phase change
14. Dec. Peter Brugger (KIT IMK-TRO)
Atmospheric boundary layer structure over a solitary pine forest in Israel from measurements during dry and rain season
11. Jan. Sebastian Lerch (KIT IMK-TRO) Forecaster's Dilemma: Extreme Events and Forecast Evaluation
18. Jan. Elisabeth Schlosser (ACINN)
Atmospheric controls on stable isotopes of snow and ice in Antarctica
25. Jan. Anna Wirbel (ACINN)
How the glaciers get their stripes
1. Feb. Rainer Prinz (University of Graz) A small glacier problem? - Strong glacier retreat and associated changes in the coupling of the glacier's surface air layer and its surrounding boundary layer

Ecology Seminar

Monday, 16:30, Varying Locations

10. Oct.
David Bowling
Implications of climate change for montane conifer forests with seasonal snow cover (Horsaal A, Sternwartestr. 15)
24. Oct.
Erwin Meyer
Diversität und Höhenzonierung von alpinen terrestrischen Arthropoden (Horsaal B1, Technikerstr.13b)
7. Nov.
Manfred Ayasse
Chemical Ecology in bumblebees (Horsaal B1, Technikerstr.13b)
14. Nov.
Josef Settele
IPBES: Erfahrungen und Eindrücke aus dem Bestäuber-Assessment inkl. der Rolle von Citizen Science (Horsaal A, Sternwartestr. 15)
9. Jan. J. Rudolf Strickler
Trophic interactions in planktonic Copepods: underlying principles (Seminarraum Foyer, Technikerstr. 25)
23. Jan. Elisabeth Kuhn Tagfelter-Monitoring Deutschland - Spazieren gehen im Dienste der Wissenschaft (Horsaal A, Sternwartestr. 15)
30. Jan. Marie-Elodie Perga Carbon cycle in lakes: past, present and future (Seminarraum Foyer, Technikerstr. 25)


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