Seminars - Summer Semester 2017

Our interdisciplinary seminar, Climate Change on Long and Short Timescales, takes place during the winter semester only. However, our participating institutes continue to host a number of interesting seminar series. Please see below for further details.


Associated Seminars

Graduate Seminar

Wednesday, 11.45-13:00, ACINN, Room 60819 SR

The Google Calendar acinn.seminar is public and you may want to add it to your calendars for the most up-to-date info. Alternatively, you can download the schedule for the this term as ACINN Calendar Graduate Seminar WS2016.pdf (246.16 KB).

15.Mar. Helen Ward (Reading University)
Turbulence observations in urban areas
22.Mar. Stephan Galos (ACINN) Reanalysis of a ten year record (2004-2013) of seasonal glacier mass balances at Langenferner, Ortler-Alps, Italy
Helmut Rott (ENVEO IT and ACINN)
Antarctic Field Campaign in Support of Satellite Data Analysis for Ice Sheet Topography
Elke Ludewig (ZAMG, Sonnblick Observatory)
Sonnblick Observatory & ENVISON
3.May Christoph Schär (ETH Zürich)
High-Resolution Climate Modeling
10.May Dan Kirshbaum (McGill University)
On upstream blocking over diurnally heated mountain ridges
17.May Eric Pardyjak (University of Utah)
Investigating spatial heterogeneity of thermal circulations and turbulence in complex terrain
24.May Philipp Kneringer (ACINN)
Nowcasting of Low-Visibility Procedure States with Ordered Logistic Regression at Vienna International Airport
31.May Michael Kuhn (ACINN)
Probing the great Antarctic inversion – 50 years ago
14.Jun. Pierluigi Calanca (Agroscope, Zürich)
Crop production in the Andes – Facing climate variability and change
21.Jun. Felix Geiger (DLR) TBA
28.Jun. Emily Collier (FAU Erlangen) Impact of spatial resolution and representation of supraglacial debris on valley-scale meteorology


Botany Seminar

Wednesday, 17.00, Institute for Botany - Lecture Theatre (Hörsaal) A

Felix Bittmann (Lower Saxony Institute for Historical Coastal Research, Wilhelmshaven)
Ertrunkene Landschaften - paläoökologische Untersuchungen am Nordseegrund
Anneleen Kool (University of Oslo and Botanical Garden)
Viking assisted dispersal of plants and animals and the role of exhibitions in research
Ulf Karsten (University of Rostock) "Die Haut der Erde" - ökologische Bedeutung von Bodenkrusten von den Alpen, über die Tropen bis zu den Polargebieten
 24.May Christian Lexer (University of Vienna)  Plant evolutionary genomics: speciation continuum and beyond
 7.Jun. Manuela Winkler (BOKU Vienna)
Disentangling anthropogenic drivers of global change impacts on alpine plant species composition: Alps versus Mediterranean mountains


Ecology Seminar

Monday, 16:30, Varying Locations

Please see the Events section of the Institute of Ecology website for up-to-date information

Sandra Lavorel (CNRS)
Mountain grasslands in the face of climate and management change: Resilient, vulnerable, or is this the right question? (Horsaal A, Sternwartestr. 15)
Steven M. Van. Belleghem (University of Cambridge)
On the origin and genetic architecture of diversity (Horsaal B6, Technikerstr.13b, Hörsaaltrakt)

Helmut Hillebrand (Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg)

TBC (Seminarraum Biologie, Foyer Technikerstr. 25)
Tom Ian Battin (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
TBC (Seminarraum Biologie, Foyer Technikerstr. 25)
Dan Yakir (Weizmann Institue of Science)
TBC (Horsaal A, Sternwartestr. 15)
Richard Merrill (University of Cambridge)
TBC (Seminarraum Biologie, Foyer Technikerstr. 25)
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