Associated Seminars

See below for the Winter Semester 2020/2021 seminar schedules from our participating UIBK Institutes


Interdisciplinary seminar: Climate change on long and short timescales

Thursdays, 12.00-13:30, held Online via BigBlueButton: Meeting Room

This seminar is explicitly open to people from all departments and different research areas. All presenters are encouraged to follow the seminar guidelines in order to reach a broader audience and to spark a fruitful discussion.

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Date Talk 1 Talk 2 Moderation: Room:
Thu, Oct 29, 12:00-13:30 Laurent Marquer: Pollen-based land cover reconstruction to study the past vegetation, climate and land use interactions Michael Sarnthein: A short reversal of Ocean Meridional Overturning Circulation during deglacial Heinrich Stadial 1 (Gschnitz Stadium) Christoph Spötl Online
Thu, Nov 05, 12:00-13:30 Michael Warscher und Uli Strasser: From measuring in the field to physically based snow modelling: the Rofental (part 1) and AMUNDSEN (part 2) Ivana Stiperski Online
Thu, Nov 12, 12:00-13:30 Paul Wilcox: Exceptional warmth and climate instability during the Last Interglacial in the European Alps Matthew Talluto: Lagged responses to climate change in the temperate-boreal ecotone of north-eastern North America Karin Koinig Online
Thu, Nov 19, 12:00-13:30      
Thu, Nov 26, 12:00-13:30 Tanguy Racine: Constraining the history of ice accumulation in a cave of the Julian Alps: results from field investigations and radiocarbon dating Paul Töchterle: A cave-based reconstruction of permafrost dynamics during the last glacial period: evidence from the Peak District (UK) Kurt Nicolussi Online
Thu, Dec 03, 12:00-13:30 Christoph Spötl: What triggered the Last Glacial Maximum in the Alps?
Thu, Dec 10, 12:00-13:30 Daniel Günther: Multi-physical ensemble modelling in snow hydrology for uncertainty assessment and model intercomparison Kurt Nicolussi: Evidence for a multi-centennial glacier minimum of Morteratsch glacier during the Preboreal  Gina Moseley  Online
Thu, Dec 17, 12:00-13:30 Brigitta Goger und Annelies Voordendag: The SCHISM project - first results from TLS observations and large-eddy simulation over Hintereisferner Mathias Rotach Online
Thu, Jan 07, 12:00-13:30 Anouk Vlug: The influence of individual climate forcings on the Canadian Arctic glacier mass balance over the last millennium Andrea Seim: Long-term trends in European tree growth in the Common Era Fabien Maussion Online
Thu, Jan 14, 12:00-13:30 Fabien Maussion/Matthias Dusch: Glacier length changes from the Little Ice Age to 2100 as simulated by a calibrated glacier model CANCELLED   Online
Thu, Jan 21, 12:00-13:30 Arianna Peron: Human, natural and atmospheric interactions. Stories of a complicated relationship CANCELLED Michael Stichaner: Preliminary results of the analysis of CH4 concentrations in an alpine urban area Thomas Karl Online
Thu, Jan 28, 12:00-13:30 Stefan Stöckl: Including the Urban Canopy Layer in a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model Wolfgang Rainer: Estimating the committed glacier mass loss for the Ötztal Alps / Austria   Online


Geokolloquium 2020/21 - Institute of Geology and Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography

Thursdays, 16:00,  held online via Zoom: Password: rocks

Find the current schedule here.

ACINN Graduate Seminar 2020/21 - Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences

Wednesdays, 11:45-13:00

Find the current schedule and additional information here.

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