Upcoming talks in Jan 2017

Interdisciplinary Seminar: Climate Change on Long and Short Timescales

Thursday, 12:00-13:30, Geology Institute, Room UR306

12. Jan.
Georg Kaser & Rudi Sailer A permanent terrestrial laser scan station at Hintereisferner

Georg Wohlfahrt Carbonyl sulfide - a new window into the carbon cycle
19. Jan.
Charlotte Gild Discovery of laterally extensive drape of silt recording postglacial aeolian deposition (Northern Calcareous Alps)
  Marlis Hofer Downscaling for glacierist mountain environments: purely statistical versus more physics-based approaches to bridge the gaps
26. Jan. Lindsey Nicholson Suldenferner (to be confirmed)
  Benjamin Dietre First palynological results from a profundal Lake Mondsee core: insights into climate and anthropogenic impact


Thursday, 17:00-18:00, Geology Institute, Collection Room

26. Jan. Achim Brauer (GFZ Potsdam) Varved lake sediments in the southern Baltic region as recorders of Holocene climate change and human impact

Graduate Seminar

Wednesday, 11.45-13:00, ACINN, Room 60819 SR

11. Jan.
Sebastian Lerch (KIT IMK-TRO) Forecaster's Dilemma: Extreme Events and Forecast Evaluation
18. Jan. Elisabeth Schlosser (ACINN) Atmospheric controls on stable isotopes of snow and ice in Antarctica
25. Jan. Anna Wirbel (ACINN) How the glaciers get their stripes
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