October 2017 limnological research meeting at UIBK

Limnological research in and around the European Alps - connecting expertise in research and application

October 26-28, 2017 at University of Innsbruck

SIL Austria (Societas Internationalis Limnologiae Austria) has evolved into an international platform to exchange and connect scientific findings and developments within the field of Limnology in and around the Alps – (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia) – shortly called LimnoAlp. Participants can contribute to this meeting in form of oral and poster presentations of recent research activities, but also by presenting the research centers across the Alps and their expertise. Thereby, we will strengthen the network of Limnology in and around the Alps with the aim to improve and facilitate the exchange and the activity of limnologists. Participants are further invited to present research objectives for planned studies and to invite others to participate in projects that involve sites and centers from regions across the European Alps, and can thus have high scientific impact.

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