Join us at EGU 2017

UIBK researchers are co-convening 15 sessions

Our members are co-convening 15 sessions at EGU 2017.

UIBK Member
EBM9 Editorial board meeting of Biogeosciences (BG) Michael Bahn
BG2.20 Carbon allocation in plants and ecosystems: mechanisms, responses and biogeochemical implications Michael Bahn
BG2.21 Plant traits and biogeochemical cycles Michael Bahn
The speleothem archive: understanding processes and interpreting Quaternary climate change Marc Luetscher
CL1.14 Cave monitoring and speleothem records of environmental change Christoph Spötl
CL1.27 Quaternary Glacial Terminations and Inceptions: timing, character, and mechanisms Gina Moseley
CL5.08/AS1.3/OS4.10 Downscaling: methods and applications (co-organized) Marlis Hofer
CR1.4/CL2.19 Glaciers and ice caps under climate change (co-organized) Georg Kaser
CR3.3/NH8.5 Snow in ski resorts and snow avalanches: measuring and modelling (co-organized) Ulrich Strasser
CR4.3 Debris-covered glaciers Lindsey Nicholson
GD6.6/EMRP4.27/SM6.7 Subduction Dynamics Across and Along the Japan Trench: Aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake (co-organized) Michael Strasser
HS2.2.4/CR4.5 Monitoring and modelling water flow paths, supply and quality in a changing mountain cryosphere (co-organized) Ulrike Nickus
NH5.6/SM10.7 Submarine landslide hazard and marine paleoseismology: regional and global implications (co-organized) Michael Strasser
NP5.3/AS1.2/HS4.8 Advances in statistical post-processing for deterministic and ensemble forecasts (co-organized) Jakob W. Messner
SSP3.7 Subaquatic sediment gravity flow processes and products (sponsored by IAS and SEPM) Michael Strasser



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