Workshop: Quality assurance procedures

The programme of work envisaged for CARBOMONT is complex and will need careful co-ordination. Quality assurance procedures will therefore be implemented to ensure that the methods used are consistent between partners and that they are implemented and documented to agreed standards and meet milestone dates. The progress of CARBOMONT will be monitored and reported by means of periodical reviews of the progress of the research. As already outlined (see B6.2), reporting will occur each year in the form of a technical report based on a workshop for all CARBOMONT participants.

No Date Place Titel Program
1. 08.-09. 02.02 University of Innsbruck Kick-off Workshop more Info
2. 27.-28. 09.02 University of Innsbruck 2nd Carbomont Workshop more Info

Effects of land-use changes on sources, sinks and fluxes of carbon in European mountain areas
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