Comunity added value

European dimension of the problem

The implementation of the Kyoto Protocol is a problem of European dimensions rather than national for several reasons:

  1. Implementation requires combined information from forest and non-forest inventories, Eddy correlation measurements, satellite estimates of NPP, inverse modelling of surface exchange, time series of atmospheric CO2 concentration, and simulation modelling.
  2. The expertise for developing reliable methods and data on carbon balances obtained from the different sources are available at the European level but not at national levels.
  3. The simulation models for up-scaling ecosystem response to large areas at country or continental scale as well as the inversion estimates that provide large scale estimates of fluxes to validate models must be supported with a data base that is continental in scope.
  4. Comparative information from networks provides a much greater confidence in the performance of such methods and the ability to validate these methods for a much greater range of conditions.
  5. It is an extremely beneficial investment to obtain the necessary data base and modelling tools for all members of the Community. It is further valuable that analyses that are developed for different locations have internal consistency. Lack of consistency will result in false interpretations that can negatively impact EC level policies.
  6. Newly Associated States have to be included in all these considerations.

More Information

Effects of land-use changes on sources, sinks and fluxes of carbon in European mountain areas
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