Virtual Canadian Studies

Currently, the range of interdisciplinary virtual Canadian studies includes the fields of English Studies, French Linguistics, Geography, History, and Native Studies. The dates depend on the respective beginnings of the terms in the university system. Courses are open to students from German universities as well as other European or Non-European universities. The Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries GKS plans to expand the program to include the fields of Political Science and Gender Studies.

The following courses will be taught in the summer term 2020: 

  • VCS Literature "Japanese-Canadian Writing", Amanda Boyce, MA, Trier.
  • VCS Literature "Canadian Women on the Sea", Dr. Lena Schneider, Saarbrücken.

Please find detailed information on the study program and registration on the GKS website

Virtual Canadian Reference - Database of Online Canadiana (DOC)

DOC was initiated by the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries to develop an interdisciplinary database providing access to selected online resources on Canada for students, teachers in secondary education, and university teachers alike.
Currently, DOC contains about 1,400 web sites related to different aspects of Canada. All electronic resources were carefully selected by scholars and catalogued according to a data model which is based on the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set and was developed by the State and University Library of Göttingen for the description of subject-specific web sites.

For further information, please see

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