Alois Pichler: "Biography and Philosophy: The nature of writing and the nature of philosophical investigation"

This paper discusses the relationship between biography and philosophy in Wittgenstein under the aspect of the relationship between

  • the nature of Wittgenstein's writing on the one hand and
  • the nature of his philosophical investigation(s) on the other.

For the discussion of Wittgenstein's writing (the biography part of my paper), I will draw heavily on Hanspeter Ortner's classification of "writing strategies" (Schreiben und Denken, Niemeyer 2000) and use it to describe

  1. Wittgenstein (as the author of the PI) as a "syncretistic" writer
  2. the PI as a "syncretistic" work

From there, I will try to show that it is highly significant that Wittgenstein's PI not only have a syncretistic origin, but also a syncretistic form - in the language of the PI preface: the album-form. I will (in the philosophy part of my paper) attempt elaborating on the intimate connection between the PI's album-form and its philosophy.

One of my key points is the following: The PI - despite their syncretistic origin - could have become a non-syncretistic work, but the fact, that they became a syncretistic work / an album, is due to a conscious choice by Wittgenstein. This choice we should consider as significant.


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