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The papers and library of Ludwig von Ficker are the heart of the collections, which contain an extensive part of the literary estates of the poet Georg Trakl. Moreover, the collections include manuscripts by “Brenner” authors and journalistic material from the editorial staff of “Der Brenner”, as well as the extensive correspondence of Ludwig von Ficker with the writers, philosophers and artists of his time. 

The Brenner Archives offers research scholars and the general public access to collections of papers of literary figures (e.g. Karl Kraus, Georg Trakl), philosophers and theologians (e.g. Ferdinand Ebner, Wolfgang Stegmüller, Ludwig Wittgenstein) and artists from various fields (e.g. the fine arts: Albin Egger-Lienz, Max von Esterle, Erich Lechleitner, music: Josef Matthias Hauer, Günther Andergassen, Robert Nessler, Peter Suitner, Haimo Wisser and architecture: Paul Engelmann, Adolf Loos). Transcriptions, high-quality facsimiles, and electronic transcriptions of materials from its collections are available from the Archives. Its staff is made up of qualified scholars, who can assist researchers in finding and using archival materials. 

The collections of the Brenner Archives have developed over the years in accordance with the original cosmopolitan and interdisciplinary orientation of "Der Brenner", (especially from the period of Austrian Modernism e. g. Karl Kraus, Sidonie Nádherný von Borutin, Leopold Liegler). Large collections of letters attest to relations between leading thinkers and artists from the 19th and 20th century, including numerous Tyrolean authors (Norbert C. Kaser, Franz Kranewitter, Karl Schönherr) as well as some authors from Vorarlberg (Max Riccabona). 

The Brenner Archives also contains the archives of a theatre (Exl-Bühne) and various literary groups (Angelika von Hörmann, Ingeborg Teuffenbach). In addition, it conserves the papers of certain living authors (Felix Mitterer, Joseph Zoderer). 

Thus, the Brenner Archives collections are of special interest to scholars, in the humanities, the social sciences, the arts.

Since Oct. 2007 the complete magazine "Der Brenner" is retrievable in the Web. After registration, which is free of charge, the online portal of the Austrian Academy Corpus and the Brenner-Archiv offers extensive search possibilities.


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