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Brenner-ArchivOpening hours (all year round): 

Monday –Friday from 8:00-12:00 a. m.
Afternoons by appointment 

If you want to use material from the Brenner-Archiv, please sign the User Regulations. In addition, please fill in the User Application and send it to your respective contact person, whom you can identify in the index of literary estates or on the relevant project sites. 

Copies or scans can only be made by the personnel of the archives.
Copies and scans, which are not print quality:
A4 = €0.30 (€0.10 for students)
A3 = €0.60 (€0.20 for students)
CD-ROM as a data carrier: €11.50
Scans: If the scans are intended as illustrations or facsimiles for publications, a use-fee will be charged. The prices charged by the Austrian National Library serve as guidelines for determining the charges. A reduction in price is possible in cases where the Brenner Archives is identified as the source.
If you submit a written request for copies (or non-printable scans) a fee of €9.00 will be charged. That fee covers the costs of the CD-Rom, postage and 10 copies or non-printable scans.
Copies or scans personally requested in the course of a research visit while visiting the archives will not incur fees additional to the copying charges mentions above. (If they have to be sent by mail a postage fee of €1.50 will be charged.)
Kindly fill out the forms of copy or scan orders and send it to you contact person or the secretary.

The Brenner Archives is prepared to assist you with your researches to the extent that the bear upon archival materials deposited and areas of research pursued here. A competent scholar will attend to your needs at a cost of €20.00 per half hour of work. 

If you intend to publish previously unpublished texts please fill in the Application for Publication.
Special prices are charged for reproduction of photos as well as for facsimiles (on request). 

If you publish material from the Brenner Archives, you are obliged to quote the Brenner-Archiv and the respective literary estate (“Research Institute Brenner Archives, literary estate XY”) as the source. In scholarly publications you should quote the shelf mark as well. 

Guided tours through the archives can be organized on request. 

For any further information please contact: 


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