University Courses

1. 748001 VO/5 Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry and applications to analytical chemistry

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christopher A. Mayhew
LV 748001
Type/Hours: ECTS-AP:  5
Rhythm: wöch
Repetition frequency: semestral
Language: english

Learning Outcome: To appreciate and understand the fundamentals and applications of spectroscopic measurements and soft chemical ionisation processes for use in analytical chemistry.


Fundamentals of ion-molecule chemistry, planetary and interstellar chemistry, plasma chemistry. Analytical techniques: ESI-MS, PTR-MS, SIFT-MS APCI-MS, and IMS. Thermodynamics and kinetics, reaction coefficients, distribution of productions, experimental components and fundamentals: ion extraction and ion optics, ionization sources, drift and flow paths, mass spectrometry and ion detectors. Applications: environmental, medical, food and security Research.
Consisting of six Workshops: 

Workshop 1: An introduction to Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry for use in analytical chemistry

Workshop 2: An introduction to Mass Spectrometry 

Workshop 3: Principles of Soft Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry 

Workshop 4: Analytical applications of Soft Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry 

Workshop 5: Ion Mobility Spectrometry 

Workshop 6: Experimenten


Methods: Lecture with experiments

2. 725016 PR/5 PR Advanced Practical Course on Instrumental Analysis

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