Local Research Projects with MUI

  1. Washout characteristics of food supplements (peppermint) using PTR-MS, Prof Wolfgang Lederer
  2. Washout characteristics of drugs (anaesthetics); Prof Wolfgang Lederer, Prof. Judith Martini
  3. VOC analysis during the women`s menstruation- cyclus using GC-MS, Prof Wolfgang Lederer
  4. Daniel Swarovski Lab, Medical University of Innsbruck (Prof. Troppmair), overall support in cell biology necessary to the project: prediction of drug tolerance using non-invasive CYP2C9 breath tests
  5. Neuro-ICU, Tirolkliniken, Prof. Ronny Beer, project “Detektion von ventillatorassoziierten Pneumonie mittels Ionenmobilitätsspektrometrie“, Project Nr. db-Nr: 278984, Diagnosis of pneumonia in critically ill patients using point-of-care breath analysis with ion mobility spectrometry


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