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  • Fernández del Río, Raquel; O'Hara, Margaret E; Pemberton, Philip; Whitehouse, Tony; Mayhew, Christopher A (2016): Elimination characteristics of post-operative isoflurane levels in alveolar exhaled breath via PTR-MS analysis.
    In: Journal of Breath Research 10/4, No. 046006. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • González-Méndez, Ramon; Watts, Peter; Olivenza-León, David; Reich, David F; Mullock, Stephen J; Corlett, Clive A; Cairns, Stuart; Hickey, Peter; Brookes, Matthew; Mayhew, Christopher A (2016): Enhancement of Compound Selectivity Using a Radio Frequency Ion-Funnel Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer: Improved Specificity for Explosive Compounds.
    In: Analytical Chemistry 88/21, S. 10624 - 10630. (DOI)

  • Kramer, Christian; Mochalski, Pawel; Unterkofler, Karl; Agapiou, Agapios; Ruzsanyi, Veronika; Liedl, Klaus R. (2016): Prediction of blood:air and fat:air partition coefficients of volatile organic compounds for the interpretation of data in breath gas analysis.
    In: Journal of Breath Research 10/1, No. 017103. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Mochalski, Pawel; Unterkofler, Karl (2016): Quantification of selected volatile organic compounds in human urine by gas chromatography selective reagent ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (GC-SRI-TOF-MS) coupled with head-space solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME).
    In: The Analyst 141/15, S. 4796 - 4803. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • O'Hara, Margaret E; Fernández del Río, Raquel; Holt, Andrew; Pemberton, Philip; Shah, Tahir; Whitehouse, Tony; Mayhew, Christopher A (2016): Limonene in exhaled breath is elevated in hepatic encephalopathy.
    In: Journal of Breath Research 10/4, Nr. 046010. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Ruzsanyi, Veronika; Heinz-Erian, Peter; Entenmann, Andreas; Karall, Daniela; Müller, Thomas; Schimkowitsch, Alexander; Amann, Anton; Scholl-Bürgi, Sabine (2016): Diagnosing lactose malabsorption in children: difficulties in interpreting hydrogen breath test results.
    In: Journal of Breath Research 10/1, Nr. 016015. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Szabó, Anna; Unterkofler, Karl; Mochalski, Pawel; Jandacka, Martin; Ruzsanyi, Veronika; Szabó, Gábor; Mohácsi, Árpád; Teschl, Susanne; Teschl, Gerald; King, Julian (2016): Modeling of breath methane concentration profiles during exercise on an ergometer.
    In: Journal of Breath Research 10/1, Nr. 017105. (DOI) (Weblink)

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Review)
  • Filipiak, Wojciech; Mochalski, Pawel; Filipiak, Anna; Ager, Clemens; Cumeras, Raquel; Davis, Cristina E; Agapiou, Agapios; Unterkofler, Karl; Troppmair, Jakob (2016): A compendium of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by human cell lines.
    In: Current Medicinal Chemistry 23/20, S. 2112 - 2131. (DOI) (Weblink)

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