Current pollen report for Tyrol


May 25th 2022


Fluctuating pollen concentrations due to the unstable weather conditions!

The current weather conditions are quite unstable, and this influences the pollen concentrations in the air of the region. In general, the pollen load decreased over the last few days. The frequent precipitation provide a brief relief for pollen allergy sufferers when the allergenic burden rise during the sunny spells.

The major threat for pollen allergy sufferers is now the presence in the air of grass pollen. We are observing an increase in the pollen concentration for grasses. The load is currently fluctuating between low and high levels depending on the location and weather conditions. Furthermore, we are now observing pollen from plantain and dock/sorrel in low concentrations. Plantain pollen has a moderate allergenicity that is usually related to the sensibility of grass pollen. Dock/sorrel pollen have a low allergenicity that is often overlaid by a grass pollen allergy.

The birch pollen season is coming to an end in the valleys, but at higher altitudes (> 1500 m), moderate to high concentrations are still recorded. This is due to the late flowering of birch at higher altitudes compared to the bottom of the valleys. We are recording an increase in the pollen load from green alder in altitudes; the allergenic burden can reach moderate levels depending on the location. The concentration of oak pollen is now generally low in the region. Pollen from oak can trigger cross-reactions in birch pollen allergy sufferers.

Furthermore, pollen from pine, spruce, cypress family, sedges, walnut and rose family (Rosaceae), among others, are recorded, which are of low allergological significance.

We wish you a good and relaxing long weekend!.



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