Pollen monitoring report for Tyrol: 13.01.2022

We wish you a happy and healthy year 2022!

During the winter season, we are still recording the pollen concentration in the air in Innsbruck and the region. So far, the concentrations do not reach thresholds for allergic reactions.

We will come back to you as soon as the pollen concentration will start to rise significantly.

Until then, we wish you a good start into the new year!


Latest news:

23.09.2021: We have updated our webpage to provide some information about the location of our pollen traps. See the Monitoring sites section of our webpage.

16.08.2021: Welcome to Ugo Bisson as a new member of our pollen team!

25.06.2021: We provide from now on detailed reports for two of our stations situated at altitudes higher than ca. 1550 m (Obergurgl and Galtür). See the report section of our webpage.

30.04.2021: Welcome to Sandra Kistl as a new member of our pollen team!

During the coming months, we will upgrade the newsletter to provide more information about the pollen monitoring and forecasting in Tyrol, and develop a new version of our webpage. This includes in particular the methods we use for pollen monitoring, the pollen seasons, and the current pollen monitoring/forecasting at regional (Tyrol) and local (within Tyrol) scales. We will keep you updated about the progress.




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